President’s Message

Office of the President

Welcome to Westcliff University. Many factors influence where you’ll choose to pursue your studies: the reputation of the school and its faculty, its location and cost, and very importantly, its culture. You will weigh each factor carefully.

The first reason to choose Westcliff University is its excellence in undergraduate and graduate education. As a result of this guiding principle, the University attracts professors who are currently practicing in their fields. The best way to learn is through interaction with professionals working directly in their areas of expertise.

Second, Westcliff University focuses on the adult student. The University offers convenient online and hybrid courses that fit busy schedules. Distance education courses make it possible for working adults to pursue their education.

Third, the learning environment at Westcliff University nurtures innovation and encourages excellence. Classes are typically taught online and in a hybrid format. A hybrid course combines classroom learning with online learning. Busy professional students receive the best of both worlds by taking a hybrid class. Students meet face to face on campus one day a week and complete the rest of the class work and learning activities online.

A low student-to-teacher ratio leads to more personalized teaching and individualized student interaction.

Last, the University’s dedication is to serve you: its students. Together with the staff and faculty, my personal goal is to create a sense of genuine community, flexibility, and to foster educational achievement.

Your decision where to pursue your studies will impact your future, both professionally and personally. I made my decision to join Westcliff University as its President based on many of the same factors that you are now considering. I’m delighted with my decision; I think you will be too.


Anthony Lee, Ed.D., M.B.A