College of Education



The College of Education offers a baccalaureate program, Bachelor of Arts in Education (BAEd). This program is geared for those who are interested in:

Working with learners of all ages and abilities in different educational settings;

Exploring the private and public educational sectors;

Examining non-profit learning organizations;

Managing a childcare or recreation center.

The College of Education also offers programs in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). These programs are specifically for those who:

Teach English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL), either in the United States or abroad;

Work as a researcher or curriculum developer;

Are currently K-12 teachers and would like to engage their English Language Learners (ELL) more effectively.

Work in other English language environments such as administration for ESL/EFL schools.

Why Study TESOL?

Many Westcliff University students pursue their MA TESOL because they want a career helping others. Children and adults alike have more opportunities when they speak fluent English, and our TESOL graduates find tremendous personal satisfaction in teaching ESL.

Other TESOL students are attracted to the prospect of living and working abroad. Teaching ESL in another country can be exciting and fun; you will find that many of our professors have found this experience immensely rewarding.

Still other TESOL students find that our curriculum helps them reach the students they already have: in today’s multicultural classroom, it is common for K-12 teachers to work with ELL students. When you enroll in the MA TESOL program, you will learn methods and strategies that address the challenges of language acquisition.

Our curriculum, whether taught via an online or hybrid platform, is comprehensive and innovative. At Westcliff University, you’ll develop your critical thinking and writing skills, conduct linguistic analysis, and learn the latest in curriculum development using up-to-the-minute education technology. Equally important, our TESOL programs embrace diversity and recognize the value of heritage languages and cultures.