Career Development

Career Development

Students discuss their career goals with an Admissions staff member prior to enrolling at Westcliff University and are encouraged to meet with their respective Deans and professors to gain additional information about their fields of interest.

We recommend carefully researching your desired career path at the outset of your studies. You are also strongly encouraged to sign up for an appointment for assistance with resume and cover letter writing.

Westcliff University is proud to work with its Program Advisory Council, a formal advisory group that evaluates its degree programs bi-annually. Council members represent a diverse array of California state and local businesses and organizations, and provide feedback regarding what employers look for when hiring. This feedback, in turn, informs our curriculum, so that our degree programs continue to be truly market-driven.  The University also holds job fairs for students to attend and meet with employers to discuss prospective job openings prior to graduation and entering the working world.

Career counseling is available for one on one meetings with students and alumni upon request. Career services will collaborate with Admissions to commit to supporting students and alumni through their personal and professional journey. We will provide guidance on setting career goals while maintaining strong academics. We will assist students gain self and industry awareness that will help them grow independently into a professional.

Career Assessments:

Students can go online and find free assessments that are open to the public.

  • Strong interest inventory test- An assessment that will help students get a clearer insight of what career choice would be most fitting for them based on their interests.
  • Personality test – There are many personality test online that will help you define your personality traits and help match your traits to specific jobs that can fit.

For one on one guidance please email to set up an appointment.

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