Student Life

Welcome to Westcliff University from the Student Services Department! 

The Student Services Department is the support system for you, the student. Our main goal is to help you achieve your personal and academic aspirations. In order to accomplish this goal, we are here to support you and connect you to our university’s resources. To ensure your continued success, we will check in with you throughout your courses, congratulate you on your successes, partner with you in developing your personalized plan for success, and will support you in any way possible!

The Student Services Department will assist you throughout your program from enrollment through graduation. These are a few ways we will be working with you:

  • Registration & course scheduling
  • Textbook information
  • Access to or help with online resources and technology
  • Academic advising and counseling
  • Student events

If you have any questions or concerns as a current student, please do not hesitate to contact us at