Student Testimonials

Westcliff University Student Testimonials

College of Business


“The expertise of the Professor, the perfect materials we are using, the perfect set up of getting education-not requiring studnt to come to school as often as needed but have trusted the student that we are faithfully studying and giving our best to educate ourselves by working on the assignments given to us. Indeed the questions raised make me gauge myself if I am learning or still lost. Thank God I am happy because each day, I can tell myself, Faith, you are becoming better and better, soon when you get a job, you will be one of the most ideal and successful leader in the world you are living in”

-Faith Orillaza, MBA student

BUS 500 – Summer 2016

“Our professor is friendly and always supports our study.”

– Uyen thi Diem, MBA student

BUS 500 – Summer 2016

“I have enjoyed this subject, I guess because it was a good timing for me as I am starting my business. I was able to write a business plan under the supervision and consultation of one of the best educator and a role model enterprenuer that I have learned a lot from.”

– Nadia Hassen, MBA student

BUS 557 – Spring 2016

“I have been an MBA student at Westcliff University for the last two years. I chose this university mainly because it is convenient for me due to its location and flexible schedule. However, the most important reason that made me decide to register is the prestige of the university and the knowledgeable faculty. The affordable tuition is another very important aspect that had an impact on my decision.

The education I have received so far has tremendously benefited my business in the area of consulting. I am now more able to identify client’s problems and address the right solutions. It has also benefited my company due to the fact that I can think about expanding my service by formulating and implementing a better business plan. I am now more aware about the many uses of technology to improve my business and my client’s businesses.

The professors are very knowledgeable of the subject matter and at the same time provide lots of help and support for students. I would definitely recommend and encourage my family members, friends, colleagues to get a higher education at Westcliff University. It is very affordable, with a friendly environment, and provides a practical and quality education.”

-Jose Montano, MBA student

Accountant at HM Accounting and Tax Service


“For any working adult or parent, time is extremely valuable. To ensure all applicants receive a quality education, whether it is a full time or part time program, Westcliff University offers an affordable education and an accommodating schedule of classes students can take on weekdays, weekends, and evenings. These are the main reasons that motivated me to enroll in the MBA program at Westcliff University.

Westcliff University’s excellent MBA curriculum encourages class participation, open thinking, meaningful discussions, as well as practical problem solving skills, which further enhances my unexpected creativities, strategic management, critical reasoning, organizational leadership, and entrepreneurial skills. I was very fortunate and blessed enough to be part of this special academic journey under the direction and guidance of the Executive Director, Mr. Anthony Lee, M.B.A. As a result, I am very pleased with the quality and professionalism of the program. The faculty and staff at IU do an outstanding job in teaching and supporting the educational experience. I’m deeply grateful to all faculty and staff at Westcliff University.”

-Dereyk Doan, M.B.A. student


“I always wanted to start my own business and successfully manage it to sustain myself in the long run. Westcliff University has taught me that nothing is impossible if you are determined to achieve it. I had an opportunity to meet Dr. Sayegh, the Dean of the Business College, who completely changed my life and point of view on education. I have learned from Dr. Sayegh that education is much more than a piece of diploma. A diploma is just a piece of paper if you don’t know how to make your own education worthwhile. As Dr. Sayegh says, “Education is what you make it.” Education is the accumulation of your experience and intuition built up over time and shaped by your personality. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to have a vision, a vision into the future that others could not foresee.

For instance, Thomas Edison had a vision when he invented the light bulb that totally changed the history of the world. He had a vision that no one else at that time could have imagined. Of everything else I have received from my education at Westcliff University, I have learned most of all that each individual has something to offer, that each individual is super smart, and the only thing that can limit yourself is you. Unlock your mindset and you will be amazed by what you are capable of accomplishing. Our job is to let that hidden smartness or intelligence out of ourselves and to start to leverage it.

Dr. Sayegh is just one example of many examples at Westcliff University that I have had the pleasure of meeting and learning from. I am particularly impressed by the quality of professors and their passion for teaching, their enthusiasm, and their real world experiences that they bring into the classroom. It has been an eye-opening and life changing experience for me that significantly bookmarked an important chapter in my educational life. I would definitely recommend to my friends and colleagues that they further their education by getting their degree at Westcliff University. It is the best way to explore your inner self and your potential in a close environment that you could never forget later in your career.”

Phoebe Van Tran, MBA student


“I knew I had to finish school and get a Bachelor’s to open more opportunities for my future. I always knew I wanted to get into business, but I was unsure of what I wanted to do. Westcliff University offers such flexible scheduling at an affordable price, which really gives me a chance to still work and gain experience while figuring out what I really want to do once I complete my BBA.”

-Alison Nguyen, Business Student

College of Education


“It enables me as a teacher to become a better knowledgeable teacher as it exposes me to vital information and teaches me ways to deeply connect, understand my students needs [both grammatical knowledge and ability] in my classroom teaching and better my students learning.”

-Chinyere Ikpoh,MA TESOL student

TSL 520 – Spring 2016

“The best things is the online discussion. I improved my critical thinking, reading speed, typing as well as composing essays. Also, I learned a lot of precious knowledge and experience from my instructor and classmates. Finally, the GAP really became a friendly place for us to share ideas and fasten friendships.”

-Anh Nguyen Hoai, TESOL Certificate


“This course make students work under pressure so when they graduate and work as a teacher. They can work well and do not feel stressed or want to quit the job. In addition, instructors in this course is very professional that convey various knowledge to students.”

-Hanh Nguyen Hong, TESOL Certificate


“The most impressive feature of the course as I think is the material, which is understandable, detailed and close to us. I mean it provides us with specific knowledge, useful activities that we can apply in our real classroom activities. In short, I like every aspect of the course. Thank you for this helpful course.”

-An Van Chi Thuong Hoai, TESOL Certificate


“The course gave students the basic knowledge about what needs to be taught and the process of teaching something. Furthermore, the course reflected students’ ability, their strong and weak points. They have an overview of English, so they can enrich themselves to make them to be ready to become a good teacher.”

– Diem Vu Thi Kieu, TESOL Certificate


“The TESOL courses at Westcliff University gave me the opportunity to share my knowledge with others by providing me with the training and tools necessary to teach TEFL.

The courses were very well structured. The courses were broken down into various units covering teaching methods, teaching applications, grammar usage, and classroom dynamics. The practicum and the peer teaching were the most important parts of the courses; they helped me prepare multiple teaching lessons on reading, listening, functional language, grammar and vocabulary that are all go hand in hand and are linked together. This helped me to develop and organize my own lesson plans in a structured way.

The professors were extremely knowledgeable and helpful and because of the courses I took at Westcliff University, I feel fully prepared and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning how to teach TEFL.”

-Michael Phan, TESOL Certificate

ESL Instructor in Vietnam


“I looked at a few TESOL Certificate programs online prior to asking about the TESOL program at Westcliff University. To be frank, I did not know they even offered them. I spoke with the Director of Admissions, Mr. Ronald Johnson who impressed upon me to enroll, and with the help of Executive Director, Anthony Lee, I did just that.

The instructors that were chosen to teach the TESOL Certificate classes were excellent. Professor Tom Beeman’s style, approach, techniques, and friendly demeanor were superior. Having taken courses at Westcliff University, I can say that the teaching quality continues to evolve in a positive manner.

Since obtaining the TESOL Certificate, and in fact before I actually completed the course, I received offers to become part of the ESL program for several schools. I can not recall another time where I was approached by several sources prior to completing a course such as the TESOL Certificate program at Westcliff University.

Undertaking the TESOL Certificate program at Westcliff University provided me with the right tools for today’s ESL teaching opportunities.

-Gilbert Sanchez, TESOL Certificate

Adjunct College Instructor